This is our story!

To have the ability to photograph moments for a living has always been an honor for both of us! Those moments like a groom tearing up as he looks at his beautiful bride for the first time on their wedding day, or first time parents smiling from ear to ear as we photograph their newborn baby in their home that they just built or perhaps that time we created an image of a high school senior, which captured her confidence in the sport that she loves to play! I believe that we don't just "Take Pictures" but instead capture special moments like these that tell a story. Your Story!

In 1997 we started out on a journey to build a successful photography business, unsure of ourselves at the time and a little naive but brave enough to take the plunge into a full time photography business! The past 20 years has been a blast! Meeting new people and making new friends over the last twenty years has been a dream come true for us! We have had the pleasure of traveling to many different locations to capture and create moments for our clients. The Caribbean, Boston, NYC, DC, Florida, NC, Virginia and Las Vegas just to name a few. Having the pleasure of traveling this journey together and creating so many images, is truly a blessing and we are very grateful for the opportunity!

We believe that what makes us different than all of the other photographers out there, is that we are truly in love with each other! 26 years in fact! That love that we have for each other, lets us see love in a very special way. That look, that emotion, that smile... that moment is what we anticipate and are looking for in every client. We have the ability to know what we are each thinking and some times say the same things about a subject at the same exact  time! We met very young, high school sweethearts in fact and we believe in True Love! We love photography, creating, coffee, golf, bowling, action movies, theatre, travel and our little beagle VEGA!

We hope we have the opportunity to work with you and create amazing moments that you and your families can enjoy for many generations to come!


Imagine! what we can CREATE for YOU!